Project Collections
A quick glimpse at a few of our past jobs. The names of our customers are not included to protect their privacy. In order to be showcased here, any pictures containing any amount of a customers residence or business is first made clear as to the intent, and only then shown after all necessary permissions have been given. 
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Job Albums
  1. Rough Kitchen
    Rough Kitchen
    Future sink location
  2. Oven Wall
    Oven Wall
    Future Range/Over the top Microwave Location
  3. Fireplace Wall
    Fireplace Wall
    Future Refrigerator Location
  4. Kitchen Demo
    Kitchen Demo
    Sink and dishwasher wall
  5. Finished
    Range location after
  6. Clean Look
    Clean Look
    Sink and Dishwasher
  7. Fireplace
    Reclaimed wood covering over old bricks, stone hearth
  8. Kitchen Complete Remodel, Relocate Sink
    Kitchen Complete Remodel, Relocate Sink
  1. Commercial Rough-in
    Commercial Rough-in
    Adding emergency floor drains
  2. In-Wall
    Trap primer lines, for emergency drains
  3. Condensate Relocation
    Condensate Relocation
    Stubout, for finish
  4. Flushometer Stubout
    Flushometer Stubout
    1" CW Stubout for Sloan Valve
  5. Undersink Configuration
    Undersink Configuration
    With Chromomite point of use heater, Sloan hands-free actuators and solenoids and related supply piping - Minus the Escutcheon,
  6. Stalls
    Hiding American Standard commercial toilets
  7. Commercial Bathroom Remodel
    Commercial Bathroom Remodel
    Hands free operation - Sloan faucets, soap dispensers, toilets and Airblade hand dryer
  8. Urinal
    American Standard Fallbrook urinal with Low-Flow Sloan Royal Flushometer valve with hands free retrofit kit
  1. Demo Phase
    Demo Phase
    Remove tub/shower, full bathroom overhaul
  2. Complete Bathroom Remodel
    Complete Bathroom Remodel
    With natural stone tile, Steamshower, and Freestanding Tub
  3. Relocation
    Move a few plumbing items around
  4. iButler, Mr. Steam
    iButler, Mr. Steam
    Steamshower, with Mr. Steam iButler remote package
  5. Freestanding Slipper tub
    Freestanding Slipper tub
    With independent fill spout and removable wand
  6. Oil Rub Bronze Shower
    Oil Rub Bronze Shower
    With temperature control, diverter , large goosekneck showerhead and removable wand
  1. Managing Director
  2. Managing Director
  3. Managing Director
  4. Managing Director
  5. Managing Director
  6. Managing Director
  7. Managing Director
  8. Managing Director
  1. Drawn up
    Drawn up
  2. Installed
  3. With Cover
    With Cover
  4. Plotting the Cut Lines
    Plotting the Cut Lines
  5. Stainless Steel Range Hood, custom offset
    Stainless Steel Range Hood, custom offset
  6. Check
  7. Complete
  8. Connection
  1. American Standard
    American Standard
  2. Condenser on pad
    Condenser on pad
  3. lay of the land
    lay of the land
  4. In progress
    In progress
  5. Disconnect
  6. through-wall penetration
    through-wall penetration
  7. The finished product
    The finished product
  8. The future furnace site
    The future furnace site
  9. All downhill from here
    All downhill from here
  10. Safe and Secure
    Safe and Secure
  11. Protect those floors!
    Protect those floors!
  12. Custom attic access
    Custom attic access
  13. Return air grille
    Return air grille
  14. Return Grille close up
    Return Grille close up
  15. The Boss
    The Boss
  16. Get back to work
    Get back to work