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Ol Bocks Custom Plumbing & Mechanical is dedicated to bringing you the highest quality products and customer service. From installing to troubleshooting, designing  to maintaining Ol' Bocks is the answer to whatever the situation calls for. With our wide range of expertise -ranging from commercial shopping centers to multi-storied laboratories to residential single-family homes and everything and anything in between - our skills know no limits, and are yours to put to use. 

Project: Drought Response

Our situation: Critical. 
There's no more denying it, We desperately need relief, but how? It's going to take everyone working together to pull through  this one. Learn more about California's current water crisis and our plan to do whatever it takes to help make a difference.. Click the picture above to see the reportor the button below to go to the specialty services page
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We hold all necessary certifications for the following:

  1. Natural Gas
    P.E.(Fusion and Stab)- Underground Coated Steel - Underground Threaded Steel - Black and Galvanized Welded Steel - Large Diameter Trac Pipe - C.S.S.T Wardflex - C.S.S.T Homeflex - C.S.S.T
  2. Water Supply
    P.E.X. Copper (Solder and Braze) Galvanized Steel PVC (Sch. 40 and 80) P.P.E fuseal
  3. Waste and Vent
    P.E. fuseal (acidic corrosive waste) Cast Iron ABS Copper DWV Galvanized PVC DWV S.D.R
  4. Repair
    Troubleshooting Leak Repair Drain Cleaning/Rooter Slab Leaks Pipe Burst Water Heaters Steam Showers
  5. Maintenance
    Jetting Camera Inspections Routine Drain Cleaning/Rooter Whole house filters Softeners R.O. Systems Other Miscellaneous
  6. Water Heaters
    Tankless Tank Solar Recirculating Pumps Boilers

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